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Produktionsbolag Filmproduktionsbolag Stockholm
  • Skribentens bildDBY - Marcus


Idag är DBY - Filmproduktion & Animation i Malmö med Diversity Charter Sweden och filmar medlemslunch med temat inkluderande ledarskap.

Diversity Charter Sweden is a springboard for companies and organisations that want to increase their creativity and competitiveness with the help of the dynamics of an organisation that puts diversity before sameness. Here you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in all seven grounds of discrimination linked to your business and operational benefits.

There are a number of studies that show that diversity in the workplace is positive for the development and profitability of companies and organizations. Therefore, we believe that diversity and inclusion should be an obvious and integrated issue in every modern company and organization's strategy. That is the basis for why Diversity Charter Sweden was started.

Businesses and organisations have an important role to play in ensuring non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion. By signing Diversity Charters, organisations make a voluntary commitment to create and maintain an inclusive working environment for their employees without discrimination on the basis of gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.





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