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Production Company Video & Animation Stockholm Sweden
DBY - Production Company Video & Animation Stockholm Sweden
DBY - Production Company Video & Animation Stockholm Sweden
DBY Animation KTK


For many years, DBY had donated part of the turnover in money to among others, Bris, Stadsmissionen and various sports associations. In 2018, we decided that we would start donating time instead. We believe in what we do and know what a difference 400 hours of video production can make. There are a lot of charities out there that don't have million dollar budgets and can't afford to produce videos. We finally agreed that 10% of the turnover should be donated in work time, which gives about 400 hours per year. Every year, everyone at DBY nominates an organization and then we decide which organizations will get to take part in this. Below you can read more about who we have worked with in recent years.

Filmproduktionsbolag Stockholm

"Thanks to DBY, Kvinna till Kvinna has been able to develop a video style that strengthens our ability to document and convey the reality that the world's women live in - and with the organization's graphic profile clearly present. Everything in the collaboration has been smooth and solution-oriented. We couldn't be happier!”

Anna Tjäder - Marketing & Brand Manager Woman to Woman


Together with Hemma, DBY has made a complete package of Special Olympics including intro to the event. This is an incredibly important organization driven by the belief that sport is the best way to better health and happiness for all. Through sports, we create a more inclusive society where everyone gets the chance for meaningful leisure time.

DBY - Production Company Video & Animation Stockholm Sweden

DBY are prestigeless and listening. They also have a clear idea of what is a good idea and has value. they know at all times what they are doing. DBY are equally committed all the way from developing and improving the basic idea to delivering with excellent quality. Nothing is impossible. Even when projects turn 180°, they are there without fuss.

Gaute Hanssen - Founder Hemma advertising agency


AKH is a non-profit organization with long experience of working with adults and children who have been subjected to violence in a close relationship. AKH provides conversation support, counseling and sheltered accommodation to women, men and children. Today, AKH has approximately 550 members, which makes them the largest non-profit women's shelter in Sweden. DBY helped AKH produce fourteen animated videos for Instagram with the aim of increasing the number of donors.

DBY - Production Company Video & Animation Stockholm Sweden
Filmproduktionsbolag Stockholm

"DBY is a professional, creative and fast-paced production company with many competences. I really want to give them my warmest recommendations.”

Kajsa Öijerholm - former CEO RBK Communication


This is a very inspiring collaboration that has really grown. Over time, we have experienced a lot and everyone at DBY is now ambassadors for the organization. We started by developing a complete video platform containing all the moving graphic elements required for Kvinna till Kvinna to be able to produce more content themselves and get started using the film platform and get better at editing and applying graphics. After that, DBY was in North Macedonia and made a testimonial about the partner organization Kvinna till kvinna that worked there. In addition to this, we have produced lots of small projects to increase the number of monthly donors. We've come a long way but it feels like we've only just begun!


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