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Production Company Video & Animation Stockholm Sweden

DBY is a production company based in Stockholm Sweden We create video content and animation for all channels


There are many production companies for video content and animation in Stockholm, Sweden. DBY has chosen its own niche. We want to be the marketing manager's right hand, a problem solver and reliable partner when it comes to motion. We are there for you when you need us. Retainer agreements are not for us, we only charge when we work. Long term collaborations show very good results and are also a security for the entire marketing department as well as for us.

Animation Studio Stockholm Sweden

We create multi dimensional digital solutions to a wide range of clients. From Art direction and compositing to 3d modeling and visual effects. Everything must be in line with the company's profile and vision. But animation is also freedom, only the imagination sets the limits to how we can visualize a company, a product or a service. So regardless of whether you are a company or an organization you will fint that DBY is a production company that will make it easy for you as a client to create content that showcases your product from its best and most selling side.

We strive to produce the most creative content from the conditions of each project

DBY is a creative and strategic film production company based in Stockholm. We have 20 years of experience in collaborations with companies and organizations in Sweden but also globally. Video production should be easy, we help companies with professional productions through all steps from idea to launch. The purpose always governs when we produce a film, regardless of whether it is a case film, testimonial, product film or a commercial.

WHAT TYPE OF production do you need?

Every business and organization is unique. We differ in size, have different business ideas and strategy. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how, when and where to be seen to maximize results and what type of video production, moving content or animation will have the greatest impact for your business. We at DBY are happy to meet with you as early as possible in this process and help you with our expertise from the first idea to the launched campaign. Here you can read about our most common types of productions and see examples of the final results.

Video production Sweden


Production company Stockholm



We love what we do! To be a film production company that help companies and organizations to build their brand or sell their products is very rewarding. But the pursuit of doing something that really matters to other people has led us into our most rewarding collaborations.

Produktionsbolag film och animation fjällräven Stockholm


Produktionsbolag filmproduktion film stockholm



Many companies today communicate with motion content, but few do it in the right way. Used correctly and with our modular approach, a film becomes an effective digital campaign and gains enormous impact and longevity. A modern way of thinking for a modern production company.

Filmproduktion Filmproduktionsbolag stockholm



We notice that more and more of our customers choose to produce their own content. Completely understandable as the need for motion content is often great and it becomes expensive if you have to outsource everything to an external supplier. However, it is a balancing act. The result will naturally be better if you outsource the production to a production company that only works with film and animation, but if you instead let your own staff produce content, there is an opportunity to greatly increase the amount of animated content that comes out.


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